Q & A’s


Frequently Asked Questions For Face Painting

?Is there any age limit?

We do not recommend painting for children under the age of 3 years old. ?We may however, at our discretion paint a child?s hand or arm who are over the age of 36 months. ?However, NO age limit for Adults!

What are the paints being used and are they safe?

All our paints used are water based, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and are certified by EEC or with FDA approval. ?Therefore, no irritation should arise or harm the skin. ?We use Grimas, Mehron, Paradise, Dimond FX, Tag, Superstar/FAB, Fox?and other high quality brands. ?The paints contain anti-bacterial agents and are therefore well equipped for the use on young skin. ?The glitters we use are poly-glitters and are specially designed and manufactured for the safe use on the face and body. ?Our brushes and sponges?are of the highest quality and we use one sponge per child.

How much do we Charge?

At Cheltenham Facepainting we face paint all?kinds of faces ?and therefore we would suggest that your first point of contact would be to either email us or telephone us with your requirements.??We can face paint around?8-12 children per hour (depending on your requirements)??? You will find our prices very competitive.? We use all the latest paints including neons, which the children love!