Face Painting Disclaimer & Cancellation Policy


  • We follow a strict code of practice regarding hygiene.  All equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each event.
  • To ensure that health and hygiene standards are maintained, we ask that our products remain untouched by anyone other than the members of the team. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times.
  • All products used are water based, and tested for use on the skin. They comply with UK/EU Regulations. However, please note that all cosmetics can, on rare occasions, cause allergic reactions and we accept no liability for this.
  • If the person to be painted has not been painted before or has sensitive skin, it is possible that face painting may cause irritation. Please therefore ask for a patch test. If there is no reaction after 15 minutes, the person may be painted. It is your responsibility to advise us of any sensitivity prior to painting and we accept no liability for irritation caused.
  • We will only paint a child that are over the age of 3.  This is due to governing recommendations and insurance policies.   However, in these cases and at the artist’s discretion the arm or hand may be painted upon request and if the child can sit unaided and are happy to do so.  No force should be given from a guardian and no sitting on laps.
  • At private events/parties, it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that the permission of parents/guardians is obtained prior to children being painted.
  • At an event we attend outdoors (from May to September and this is always weather dependent), it is the responsibility of the event organiser to provide adequate cover to allow for all weather conditions, to include and not exhaustive for Sun/wind/rain.  This is to protect the artists and the customers, as we follow a strict health and safety policy and risk assessments.   If  the cover is a gazebo, this must be securely fastened and any guide ropes should be clearly visible and not cause a tripping hazard.
  • We do not bring our our own cover such as a gazebo, due to the risk of it being damaged during high winds or taking off and injuring a person.   This is in accordance with our our Health & Safety Policies which are constantly being reviewed.
  • Should we attend an event where adequate cover is NOT provided or deemed insufficient/or to the detriment to both the artists attending/customers, we reserve the right to leave and full payment will still be applicable.
  • The artists on site should be treated with respect at all times, if this proves not to be the case, they will advise that they will not be face painting, but full payment is still required as agreed at the time of booking and invoice sent and terms and conditions should have been read.
  • Cheltenham Face Painting, will assume that at the time of booking our services, the Client/Customer will have familiarised themselves with ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS/FACE PAINTING DISCLAIMERS AND RISK ASSESSMENTS.
  • It is NOT the responsibility of the artists to crowd control or deal with any aggressive customers or clients.   Should this happen and deemed appropriate an email will be sent outlining the complaint/issues.
  • When we send the invoices we do ask you to read and understand our terms and conditions and check that all the details are correct.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to paint the face of any person who appears unwell or with medical conditions such as, but not limited to, cold sores, psoriasis, open wounds, broken skin, conjunctivitis or other eye infections, runny nose, infected skin, headlice.? In these circumstances we are able to paint, at the artists’ discretion, the arm or hand of that person. (We now also include Covid19 within our policies and refuse the right not to paint anyone who we may think may be unwell due to the Covid19 virus)
  • Symptoms of hayfever/allergies are also included in reasons for children/adults/persons not to be painted, if presenting with cold like symptoms.  This is due to health and safety and the use of paints that are shared for the use of of others.
  • We take no responsibility for the welfare or safety of persons waiting to be painted.  Please ensure that children waiting to be painted are supervised at all times.
  • Face paints are easily removed with soap and water. Baby wipes are not recommended as these may cause allergic reactions when used on the face.
  • Some paints may leave a slight tint on the skin which should fade in a day or so.
  • All paints used are water-based and as such should not stain clothing. However, we will not be held liable for any damage to clothing or property. Should this occur please cold soak the item prior to washing.
  • Photographs will not be used without parental/guardian consent. Any photographs taken will be used for promotional purposes only and identities will not be revealed to third parties. A complimentary copy can be emailed to the parent/guardian upon request.
  • We will not paint any person (regardless of age) against their wishes including sleeping children.
  • We will not paint anything that the artist deem to be offensive, obscene and/or inappropriate for the event or group.
  • Please do not eat or drink whilst being painted.
  • Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.
  • All persons wishing to be painted must be presented with a clean, dry face.
  • Once the queue has been closed, no-one else will be painted.
  • We have public liability insurance of 5 million. A copy of the policy may be seen upon request
  • We now reserve the right to ask our customers to sanitise their hands before being painted and this will be provided by ourselves and where possible we will organic products.
  • Locations we are attending, must be easily located via the use of Google Maps/sat navigation systems.
  • Any remote/hard to find locations, must be made aware to us, as arriving late will not be down the artist, if clear precise details were not given before the event.   It is usual for hosts to also put out a banner/balloons, so the location can be more easily found.
  • If one of our artists arrives late due to a hard to reach location, no extra time will be given.   Our minimum booking time is 1-2 hours in ant event.
  • All children/adults (depending on the event) will only be allowed to be painted once.   This saves any upset.
  • If a child has arrived with face paint or glitter, not provided by one of our artists, they will not be allowed to be painted.  They may be allowed an arm paint instead.  This is following our strict health and safety policies.
  • We do NOT WORK with other face painters, due to a conflict of interest.   If we arrive on site and other face painters have been employed, we reserve the right to leave and NO REFUND will be given and if not paid, will need to be paid in full.
  • SWIMMING PARTIES/POOL PARTIES – Children/adults will need to be painted before entering the water.  No person will be painted after entering the pool.  Most pools contain chemicals and this may cause an adverse reaction when using face paints straight afterwards.  Face paints will wash off once entering the pool.  We do not use waterproof paints.


Cancelled engagements after a confirmed booking will incur a 50% fee automatically. This is due to the fact that your date was secured and other enquiries may/have been lost and not recoverable.  potentially. The full fee will be payable if you cancel with less than 12 weeks notice.  Once the booking has been confirmed in writing, either via Facebook/Email or any other forms of social media, this booking will be classed as a confirmed booking.  This will include whether a deposit has been paid or not or invoice sent and the cancellation policies will be enforced.   It is up to the customer to check our policies and we do not have to advise you directly of our terms and conditions, as it should be seen as reasonable for a business of this nature to have strict cancellation policies put in place.  Should the payments not be made, we reserve the right to recover our costs via a third party.

Any alterations to the terms of booking.  For example:  hours booked.  These will require a notice period  of 10 weeks, otherwise the original confirmed timings will be payable,

The only exception would be adverse weather conditions via the Met office) the full balance will be bot be applied but a percentage only of 50%.

We also may require a non-refundable deposit/booking fee payment of 50% of the party/event package booked with Cheltenham Face Painting. This will also be payable for Corporate events where no deposit has been secured but a booking fee confirmed.  We do not accept 30 day payments unless otherwise agreed with our corporate clients in writing.

Since Covid 19, we have been asking for less deposits and invoicing a few weeks before the event.  Our terms and conditions are however, still in place, in the event you wish to cancel.   In the event of any cancellations, these will only be deemed as set, if you have received a response from us via email/whatsapp/text etc.   No verbal cancellations are accepted.   We will require proof of any cancellation, otherwise we reserve the right to ask for either 50% of the fee or full payment.

If after booking our services and you ask for a 30 day payment, you will be advised of an increase in our hourly rate to accommodate this, plus a late payment fee of £30.00.

Once correspondence has been received confirming a booking this will form the contract and this could be via Social media or email or text message.

We are happy to take enquiries over the phone, however, this will need to be followed up by an email/whatsapp/text etc, along with all the relevant details and an email address, so an invoice can be emailed in due course.   (The invoice can be sent right up until the week before or possibly a few days before).

UNLESS WE CONTACT YOU TO SAY OTHERWISE, BOOKINGS ARE CONFIRMED, so please never presume there is no contract in place.

This also relates to Corporate bookings paying in full via 30 days (Normal payments terms are to be be made by receipt of invoice)

CANCELLATONS from ourselves can sometimes be unavoidable, due to staff illness etc.  We do however, try and give as much notice as possible.

With regards to corporate bookings, should we be late due to unforeseen circumstances such as a traffic incident but can attend the majority of an event, we would expect no deductions to be made.  If the event organiser has any queries or wishes to make deductions, this should be discussed at the beginning of the event, so we can decide whether we agree to this.    We can also discuss if we are in a position to make up the lost time.   Cheltenham Face Painting work at speed but with finesse and always make up any lost time in the event of any unforeseen delays.

Should anyone have any queries with any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

We do not have a tick box where our terms and conditions need to agreed as we are just a small family/local business.   

We work exceptionally hard to make all the events we attend, a very special occasion.  Its can also be a juggling act to fit in all the bookings and our customers can contact us a year in advance.

If someone cancels us, and no terms and conditions were put in place.   Revenue would be lost and earnings for myself or my team compromised.   This would make the business itself very vulnerable.   Many events lost are unrecoverable.   Hence the need for 12 weeks notice for cancellations and half payment of fees in any event.

We have amazing customers and most will understand the need for terms and conditions to be put in place.

We also prefer not to have to charge late payment fees for late payments of invoices, but as a small business, cash flow is imperative.   My team members are also paid promptly.

If working with an Events company, we also require payment before the event and not 30 days.

Thank you

Team Cheltenham Face Painting 

Sally-Ann Lynch (sole trader/business owner)

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